"No matter where you go, there you are"
Yes, it's a lynx. The internet is big. Really big. Even if you spent your entire life surfing the web, there are milions of pages which you would never see. Also, when you were finished, there would be more pages you hadn't seen than there were when you started. Fortunatley, the probability that a randomly chosen web page has anything useful on it is rather low, so you are not missing much. Here is a selection of (hopefully) interesting links.

Important things

The Electronic Frontier Foundation - <braveheart mode>FREEDOOOOOOOM!!!!</braveheart mode>

Dave Touretsky's Gallery of DeCSS Descramblers - If my site were hosted in the USA, it would be illegal for me to provide this link. Land of the free? Land of the lawyers, more like.

The Halloween Documents - The infamous leaked memos from Microsoft.

Fun things

The Onion - A newspaper. Well, sort of.

Hob - A Java Spectrum emulator. I thought I'd seen everything!

The Temple Ov Thee Lemur - Difficult to describe.

Hew Kennedy's trebuchet - I have to get myself one of these. - Everybody! Everybody! Flash required.

FOTWGLG - Flags Of The World Given Letter Grades.

Useful things

The Register - A real newspaper.

Everything - exactly what it says on the tin. - Not sure if this is real or not, but I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt and putting it under "Useful", not "fun".

Link Graveyard

Links which used to be here, but don't work any more.

Evil People(inc)TM - Sell your soul online!