When I'm not doing something else, I write games. You can download them for free, which is pretty good value for money. They are DOS games, but they will run on Windows 95/98/ME/XP without much trouble. If you are running some other PC operating system* you will need a DOS emulator or a boot disk.

A friend once saw me playing Tiberian Sun, and made the following observation:
"I can tell that game isn't one of yours, because it takes itself seriously." That should indicate what sort of games there are here.


A turn-based strategy game, for lots of players, who can be human or computer controlled. There are several weapons to choose from, a few of which are extremely silly.


A defender clone. Fly your ship against a suspiciously familiar Evil Empire. Watch out for bugs, red tape, bundles, lawyers and other enemies created by the dark side of the Source.


A Thrusty thing. Very unfinished, but playable.

*Strictly speaking, Windows ME is not an operating system - it's a bug.