"You are on the way to destruction." - Cats

So sue me.

Confused? Perhaps the All Your Base FAQ will set you up the clue.

All Your Base FAQ

Q. What happen?
A. Somebody set up you the bomb.

Q. To whom are my base currently belong?
A. They are belong to us.

Q. What, all of them?
A. Now you're getting it.

Q. Am I on the way to destruction?
A. Yes. Yes you are.

Q. OK. Do I have any chance to survive?
A. No, you have none make your time.

Q. What's this nonsense about?
A. This is the English version of the intro sequence to a rather old computer game: Zero Wing. Well, mostly Englsh; it's one of the worst ever translations of anything from Japanese to English. (And the competition in this area is pretty stiff: see Backstroke of the west, for example.)