"An englishman's home is his castle" - Anonymous

About Me

I was born on October 2nd, 1977. I could put a boring bio here, but who really cares? I am currently working as a programmer. You can email me if you want to. Here's the address:
mark, boyd, forty-two, dot, googlemail, another dot, com
That's a picture of my email address, so don't try to cut&paste it. You'll have to type it out by hand. I know manual labour is annoying, but it's the only way to keep the spammers at bay. Lynx users and other picturephobes can go here to see - get this - an ASCII art version of the picture!

Stuff on this site

Games - Free computer games, written by me.

Toys - Other fun things.

Pictures - Some pictures of me and other things.

DeCSS - A google search for "DeCSS" currently results in over 100000 hits. I'm doing my part to keep that number as large as possible.

Quotes - Quotable quotes.

All your base - Accept no imitations!

Random, possibly interesting, stuff

Dumb Ads - A rant about stupid advertisements

Links - Don't like my site? Go somewhere else!